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Team Tiara in 2013

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Team Tiara in 2013
In Team Tiara News…. Our 2013 Team is GROWING!!!!  We have lots of walkers who are coming back after a year off — and some newbies already signing on as well.  Linda (our Route Safety friend) is working on a “surprise” for Dallas & San Diego — and has already jumped in with both feet and provided Anthony with some much-needed info on the San Diego walk.  (I don’t know why everyone’s so worried I’ll end up in Tijuana.  Unintentionally, that is.)
IF you are planning to register for DFW or San Diego as a walker or crew, please do so soooooon.  The discount code CURE 2013 will save you $35 and will get you in the system.  I can only manage this “manual” email list for so long before things start to go haywire and Yahoo decides I’m a spammer — again.  Besides that, my name looks AWFULLY lonely on the San Diego Team page…..
The DFW Page is:
The San Diego Page is:

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