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Preparing for 2015

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Preparing for 2015

Hey Tiaras!!!

Who’s ready to launch 2015 in a BIG way???

1. Statistically, this is the BIGGEST giving week of the year. TONS of people are looking at their giving and realizing they need to give MORE in the upcoming days. (i.e. John Biggs.) This is a GREAT time to capitalize on that. How??

First, customize your personal fundraising page. To do that, log into your participant center and click on Personal page on the right. You can fix your URL to be something easy and personal on this page. You can write your “why” in your own words, add a personal picture, etc. This is your chance to make this YOURS. That’s important. MY story isn’t going to move your friends and family to donate. YOURS is the story that will work.

Second, send emails through the 3-Day site or Yahoo or whatever to anyone and everyone you’ve ever met. Be sure to invite them to walk with us as well. We’ll raise more money if more of us walk – and that’s really what it’s all about, right??

Third, Link your 3-Day page to whatever social media you use. Facebook, Instagram, etc. This is your chance to SHARE! People want to help, but they can’t if they don’t know what you’re doing, right??

2. Please do encourage anyone who wants to join us to sign up before Jan 1 if possible. We have 48 team members at this point — CRAZY!! We are doing a bulk order of sparkle skirts after the first of the year and it will be the ONLY bulk order of the year. Anyone who signs up after that’s done will need to place an individual order.

3. We have a ton of family groups walking this year, and that’s going to make fundraising a bit tricky. We need to be intentional about doing some group fundraisers. Be thinking about that, and we’ll have a pow-wow after the first of the year.

4. GroupMe is our primary source of communication between team members. Please take a moment to add the GroupMe app to your phone. I’ll be adding team members to the Team Tiara list over the next few days, and it’s easiest if you already have the app installed. PLEASE do not start a new Team Tiara group. We’ll get you on ours — it just may take a bit of time.

Thanks for all you do, for having a heart for this walk, and for joining our team!

TONS more details to follow!!

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