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Larry Gallemore

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Larry Gallemore

While I do not remember a lot of things well from this time of my life, I still remember the weekend in Galveston when we had decided to break the news to my youngest daughters that I had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I was shocked when they informed us that we had ruined their weekend.  I still wonder what they thought it was doing for my weekend.

Let’s flash forward to today.  A little over seven years later.  After having had a successful surgery to remove my left breast and some lymph nodes as well as an ileostomy in the following year as a result of my bodies’ inability to continue to deal with ulcerative colitis, I have enjoyed six years of very good health.  In fact , I was rehired by the company from which I had retired due to health issues and am still employed there.  I have missed only one day due to illness during the last six years.  Knock on wood.  I have had the blessing of seeing three wonderful grandchildren born.  I have also been able to enjoy both southern Europe as well northern Europe with my wife of near 40 years on some wonderful Princess cruises and am about to embark on a cruise to Hawaii.  While my life has certainly been affected by the health issues I experienced, it far from ended.  I have been most fortunate to have the support of a caring wife as well as some of the medical profession’s finest practitioners.  And I also am very thankful for all the advances that had been achieved in the treatment of the diseases which my body encountered.

Larry Gallmore Breast Cancer survivor, Seven Years

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